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    How to make Vis -- A stolen guide


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    How to make Vis -- A stolen guide Empty How to make Vis -- A stolen guide

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    1. Introduction

    Once and a while, a post will show up asking about vis and how to get it, and replies have been made regarding how one should make vis. After a few posts I realized there are consistent tips to making Vis. So I put this guide for low level Vis making together.

    Keep in mind that there is no level of vis one should have at any level of the game. Nor will I begin to even make that kind of suggestion. I consider this guide a lower level vis making guide that builds a pretty decent chunk of change for your later levels.

    This is a realistic way of making vis in the game. What I mean by realistic is that any player can take these tips and consistently make vis in this game. There are players that have more and some that have less, but the following tips have consistently kept me from going broke. Keep in mind that these are the general guidelines of what you should do. It does not mean you should stick to these 6 tips. Warp when you need to; keep materials you think are rare, etc. etc.

    Updates: section 2.4 expanded to reflect UPC selling.

    This guide is written as follows:

    1. Introduction
    Updates – 2.4 about selling to UPCs
    2. Tips
    2.1 Enchanting will drain your money reserves.
    2.2 Sell all raw materials except for Talt.
    2.2.1 On Refining talt
    2.2.2: Items to keep:
    2.3 Use the market, put items on the market at decent prices.
    2.3.1 Market pricing
    2.3.2. Rings, Costumes and the Cash shop
    2.4 Sell your weapons to the UPCs but Don't buy weapons from UPCs.
    2.5 Walk everywhere.
    2.6 Spend less than what you sell back.
    3. The Game Plan
    4. Notes
    4.1 Progression of vis
    4.2 Other strategies
    5. Conclusion

    2. The Tips

    The following 6 tips will help you save vis and make vis. But the general idea is to be aware of what you pick up, follow the market, and actively level. The biggest tip I can give if you skip this section is:

    There are 4 places to strengthen your weapons: Idge (Reboldeoux), Soho (Port of Coimbra), Rio (City of Auch), and the one at Base Camp.

    2.2 Sell all raw materials except for Talt.

    When grinding, don’t leave a trail of materials in your wake, pick everything up! Refine talt to its purest form and sell it. Soft leather, thin yarn, silk, tough yarn, etc, sell for decent rates at the market. Some may argue that you should hold on to the materials for crafting but an hour in the right zones is worth the time to refine the materials you need as opposed to sitting on the minerals for 50+ levels.

    2.2.1 On Refining talt

    The refining process is as follows: 4 normal materials makes 1 refined material, 3 refined materials make 1 pure material. However the other materials do not scale this way. The only material that actually does best being refined to a pure form is talt.

    Talt = 18 vis
    Refined talt = 90 vis
    Pure talt = 300 vis

    4 talt = 1 refined talt
    3 refined = 1 pure talt

    Let's say someone had 120 talt and went to the blacksmith:

    120 x 18 = 2160
    30 x 90 = 2700
    10 x 30 = 3000

    Therefore Refine talt to its purest form and sell.

    2.2.2: Items to keep:

    Some items are not worth a lot to the UPC but their actual market value is high. Over time you will notice that certain items will drop from mobs faster than others, such as gems and crafting materials such as yarn and silk. I generally keep the things that sell for less than they should. If all else fails and you are unsure, check the market.

    Mission Lobbies: lobby stones will yield more in drops than the stone is worth being sold on the market. Unless you cannot solo a lobby or feel that you cannot gather a party to do the lobby, I would keep lobby stones. There is one exception to this rule. Trinity 2 and Trinity 3 lobbies are valuable.

    These are things that you should keep, but sell well if you need vis in a pinch: rough gems, gem pieces, full gems, HQ gems, thin yarn, thick yarn, silk, leather (soft, hard), any forge materials (coal, chalcedony, and refined quartz.)

    (Note post level 50 you may want to hold on to materials to use for crafting.)

    2.3 Use the market, put items on the market at decent prices.

    There are two main ways to sell the loot that you have made, selling to the UPC or to the market.

    2.3.1 Market pricing

    I generally shop the market before I price an item. If hard pressed to find a price, my rule of thumb is:

    market price x 2

    There are major exceptions to this rule and they are:

    *The market itself is selling the item for a higher price (Uniques, hard to get items etc.)


    *The market is selling the item for a lower price (the market is flooded with bracelets (then I sell for slightly more than the UPC buy rate.)

    Always check the market for the item price before listing the item. "Shop" the market so that you have an idea how your item will stack up versus what is on the market. This is a time consuming process that some decide to skip over. Smart pricing will save you from re-listing the item and spending more money in additional fees.

    If you are unsure, ask the forums for a price check. Do not assume that adding a zero at the end of the market list price is the way to go. I would rather buy a modded weapon for 55k than a stock weapon at 50k, etc. The higher the item is, the less likely it will be sold and you lose money.

    As long as you sell the item for more than UPC buy rate + list fee + selling fee, you come out on top.

    Judging by the number of items in the market at any one time, I know for a fact that the Vespanola market is weekend driven. Meaning, as a seller a weekend is better than midday on a weekday, and as a buyer you will find more items on a weekend.

    2.3.2. Rings, Costumes and the Cash shop

    Rings are harder to price than most other things since people may not be familiar with the skills that the ring applies to. For example a birdfall ring can sell for 40k or 200k. It is the perceived value of the skill that is the price of the ring. (This means, what the seller believes to be a good price based on their opinion of the skill the ring is based on.)

    Rings that add +/- 1 AR/DR to a skill will sell for high values (for example Apocalypse rings) or rings where the skill is used often (precision shot, bloody overdrive, photon splash) and rings for the scout’s bard stances (intensify, fortify, acceleration, meditation) and the heal ring. (Rings for the scout’s medic buffs can also sell well.)

    Cash shop note: Rings on the market have gone down in price, however those that affect bard buff levels and healing rings are still prized for their +1AR/DR and will still sell for more than 10m.


    Costumes can vary by price, I like costumes so I rarely sell costume pieces. So I cannot comfortably comment on the value of these pieces. I will go out on a limb and say that these items are based on the market demand for the item for example: a stock costume (i.e. Scout tattoo) vs something like a full plate mail will sell for different prices.

    Cash shop note:

    Rings on the market have gone down in price, however those that affect bard buff levels and healing rings are still prized for their +1AR/DR and will still sell for more than 10m. The recent introduction of ring boxes and andre’s costume boxes have allowed players to have a way to make vis in the game. These methods require gold to be bought and used. A smaller observation about Vespanola prices: unique 92 weapons are going up in price and others will soon follow.

    2.4 Sell your weapons to the UPCs but Don't buy weapons from UPCs.

    Some prefer to go the route to sell to the UPC and sell only really good weapons on the market. I generally sell the following things to UPCs:

    * Weapons with no modifiers or bad modifiers
    * Raw materials

    All UPCs buy at the same price so anybody, even Leo Wagon, can buy your unloved loot.

    Stock weapons, even weapons with decent mods can be found on the market at good prices, wait for a drop. The market will have things for less, they may not be ideal, but armor with bad mods is better than armor with no mods.

    2.5 Walk everywhere.

    I know this sounds more like common sense and should not be said, but it is one that I advise anyways.

    Way points are cheaper than warp scrolls, and they are generally placed in centralized locations that allow you to walk to one zone or another.

    Make your warp scrolls do double duty, for example, I have a warp point set at Ferrucio’s Junction right outside the El Lago Celeste door next to the movement soldier. If I am in a place where I am unable to log to the barracks to get to my home town, then I use Ferrucio and decide where to go from there.

    2.6 Spend less than what you sell back.

    Generally when I go to a UPC and sell items to them, I buy what I need and I try to make sure that it is less than what I sold for. Over time this builds up a store of money for enhancements when you need them, or… the 1-2 million it takes to get a Catherine’s left arm and hand.

    3. The Game plan

    My game plan: At low levels, sell to UPCs and use the market, use weapons without strengthening unless necessary. I sold things that I knew were easy to farm and find again.

    I know that asking to be realistic about money in a fantasy game is a silly suggestion, but I knew that based on the rate of drops from Lloyds in Torsche’s mansion, that I would be more likely to find a hand on the market than from a Lloyd. So I went the buying route for Catherine.

    The same mindset applied for buying weapons. My team was not designed to tank bosses (I nick named my Bernelli “Gimpy” due to her low CON) so I knew I would have to rely on drops from mobs for my weapons, and purchasing weapons for the last 10 levels of the game.

    4.2 Other strategies

    The Golden Well – I do not play the golden well as much as other players. The golden well has a limit of gold pieces that it can take, once it reaches this limit, it will overflow and pour out gold bars which can be sold back to the UPC for 150k each. This is not a consistent source of vis since it requires gold pieces to be either farmed from Torsche’s or bought from the UPC. It is a gamble that can reap high rewards or a lot of vis wasted. The Golden Well is a good way to exchange your gold for bellem’s boxes that can be sold on the market.

    Mission lobbies – mission lobbies are great ways to get items that can be sold to UPC shops or to the market, various items drop from mobs in these lobbies including recipes and enchant chips. The value of the loot from a lobby will be greater than the value of the lobby stone when sold on the market.

    Treasure rooms – Treasure rooms are a fast way to make vis. Golden, Platinum, and Diamond coupons can be obtained from quests, bosses, and mission lobbies. It is recommended that you go with a team that can do fast damage and/or AoEs. However, if you are too high level, only materials drop from the mobs.

    Quests – various quests throughout the game will give you additional vis to jump start expeditions.
    5. Conclusion

    This guide is complete, however I will add any additional tips as I go along. Thanks for your patience! ^^

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