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    Basic Interface Commands

    Key/Button Effect
    Left mouse button Point and click to move
    Middle mouse wheel Scroll to zoom in/zoom out
    Right Mouse Button Click and drag to rotate view
    F1 Make first character leader
    F2 Make second character leader
    F3 Make third character leader
    F5 - F8 Switch stances
    Ctrl+1-3 Create a Group Preset
    1-3 Select a Group Preset
    Alt+C/Enter Toggle Chat
    Esc Quit Menu
    Alt+W World Map
    Ctrl+A Select all characters
    Alt+D Squad Info
    Alt+E Equipment/Inventory
    Alt+R Family Information
    Alt+U Toggle Toolbar (top central bar
    Alt+I Inventory
    Alt+O Options Menu
    Alt+Q Quest Menu
    Alt+S Stnace/Skill window of Team Leader
    Alt+F Hide/Unhide all UI windows.
    Alt+G Toggle Character Status windows
    Alt+J Jukebox (Select BGM)
    Alt+K Create Chat Macros
    Alt+4 - Alt+0 Use Chat Macros
    Alt+Z Zone Map
    Alt+X Pose List
    Alt+V Toggle Inventory Window
    Alt+B Friends List
    Alt+M Mini-Map (top-right corner)
    Alt+F2 Channel
    Ctrl+F Purchased Inventory
    Alt+A Quest Info
    Ctrl+R Warp List
    PrintScreen Take ScreenShot
    F10 Increase size of Chat Window
    F11 Decrease size of Chat Window

    Combat Orders

    Key/Button Effect
    F4 Team Summon
    F9 Toggle between Individual Mode and Squad Mode
    Ctrl+Shift+Left Click/Ctrl+Spacebar Harvest Mode
    Ctrl+H Hold Mode
    Ctrl+E/Spacebar Defend Mode
    Character Skills
    Key/Button Effect
    Q,W,E,R,T 1st Character's Current Stance Skills
    Y 1st Character's Inherent Skill
    A,S,D,F,G 2nd Character's Current Stance Skills
    H 2nd Character's Inherent Skill
    Z,X,C,V,B 3rd Character's Current Stance Skills
    N 3rd Character's Inherent Skill

    Chat Commands

    Key/Button Effect
    "FamilyName Message Send a Message to a particular family
    #Message Send message to Squad
    @Message Send a message to Clan
    !!Text Places text above current leader. Type !! on a line by itself to cancel.
    /shout Send a message that everyone on the map will see (uses 1 Megaphone)
    /broad Send a message that everyone in the channel will see (uses 1 Microphone)
    /where Shows the X, Y, Z coordinates of your leader on the map.
    /profile familyname Shows the profile of a player.
    /partyprofile clanname Shows the Clan information.


    Key/Button Effect
    Ctrl + Alt + Left click in the area Chars look at the selectet point (nice for screenshots)
    Ctrl + Alt + any letter (A-Z) Poses (you can buy the pose-guides from Andrea Janzur in Reboldeaux)

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